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Citizens for Judicial Excellence respects the privacy of its GoodJudges website visitors.

We believe that responsible use of the information you share with GoodJudges is of the utmost importance.

The following guidelines have been created in accordance with the United States Federal Trade Commission guidelines. In addition, they have been developed to maintain confidentiality.

As part of our ongoing effort to provide the best solutions to you GoodJudges/CJE has outlined the following information to address online privacy and consumer protection.

Visiting the GoodJudges Website

In general, people may visit the GoodJudges website and access information while remaining anonymous and not revealing any personal information. In order to provide you with relevant, desired information concerning judicial candidates in your voting district, GoodJudges/CJE will, at times, request information from you, such as your address.

GoodJudges/CJE may use “cookie” technology with the express purpose to provide you a better on-line experience. If you do not wish to have a “cookie” set when visiting the GoodJudges/CJE website, you may alter the settings in your browser to prevent them. You will then be alerted each time a “cookie” is being sought and opt whether or not you wish to allow one to be set. This alert will show you how the cookie is being used and how long the information will be retained. However, if you opt to not set a cookie some functionality of the GoodJudges/CJE website may be degraded.

GoodJudges/CJE respects and protects your personal information. GoodJudges/CJE will take appropriate steps to respect and protect the information you share with us.

GoodJudges/CJE welcomes comments and questions on this policy.

GoodJudges/CJE is dedicated to protecting your personal information. Due to the rapidly evolving nature of technologies, GoodJudges/CJE may occasionally update this policy. Notice of any revisions will be posted to this site. Any comments or questions regarding GoodJudges/CJE privacy practices can be directed to