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GoodJudges is a Voter Information Project of Citizens for Judicial Excellence. The GoodJudges website was developed to allow you to quickly find the judicial candidates running for office in your city and county. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions about these candidates when you cast your ballot.

CJE was formed to recruit and support highly accomplished, fair, service-oriented attorneys who wish to become judges in the District and Municipal Court of the State of Washington.

We offer pre-election training workshops for judicial candidates, regardless of whether they receive CJE support. Our workshops provide information so that candidates comply with Washington State Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) rules for campaign filings, and the rules judicial candidates must follow to abide by the Washington State Code of Judicial Conduct Canon 4 governing the conduct of candidates running for judicial office.

CJE carefully screens potential judicial candidates and selectively supports those with exceptional credentials. Only those who can withstand the intense scrutiny and challenges of a judicial campaign receive our support.

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