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What Is GoodJudges?

GoodJudges is a voter information project of Citizens for Judicial Excellence. Our goal is to better inform fellow citizens about the judges who serve on our District and Municipal Courts.

Why Is It Important to Vote in Judicial Races?

Your county district courts and city municipal courts are “The People’s Courts” — these are the courts where you, your family and friends are most likely to appear in the unfortunate event someone is involved in a misdemeanor criminal case or civil matter up to $100,000, including small claims up to $5,000. The judges on these courts have the power to change lives. Your vote helps ensure our judicial system is fair to all and treats every citizen with respect.

How Do We Rate the Candidates?

Candidates in contested races are evaluated by Citizens for Judicial Excellence using a committee of attorneys and non-attorney citizens. Candidates complete a comprehensive written questionnaire about their legal background, followed by an in-person interview before the committee, and then reference checks are conducted. Factors used in rating and endorsing candidates include Judicial Experience, Legal Decision Making, Integrity and Impartiality, Demeanor, Temperament and Communication, and Administrative Skills.

Candidates in uncontested races are evaluated using a number of factors including bar association ratings. In the case of uncontested incumbents we also look to CJE’s Rate the Judges  online reporting system and bar association surveys.

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